Welcome Culver Academy

2 januari, 2018

Wings are proud and happy to host Culver U16, which are on a trip to Sweden. The team started off today with a high energy practice in Pinbackshallen. Culver will practice and play several interesting exhibition games in Pinbackshallen the next coming days.

Wednesday 3/1 14:00 Wings vs Culver

Thursday 4/1 10:15   Culver vs Nacka

Thursday 4/1 18:30 Wings vs Culver

Friday 10:15 Culver vs SDE Hockey

Friday 15:45 Culver vs Täby


We hope Culver will enjoy their time here. The team stays at Best Western/Arlanda Hotellby. The whole event is organised by Starzone Sports and Wings in cooperation.

Learn more about Culver here: www.culver.org/Prep-Boys-Hockey